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For a perfect player in the game, Talent is important but good equipment is also significant. Cricket player pay attention mostly selecting the right bats, but to choose a right ball is equally important. Cricket Ball plays an important role in cricket game. We are provided you with the finest select of cricket ball, at good prices. Traditions of cricket ball making techniques with modern precision. Good skill is required to shape the leather cricket balls. Cricket balls have a cork at their core that is covered with tightly wound string, and two piece or four piece leather case of different qualities. The slightly raised sewn seam which is hand or machine stitched is the most important part of the cricket ball.


    . Weight Circumference
    Men, and boys 13 and over 5.5 to 5.75 oz (156 to 163 g) 8.81 to 9 in (224 to 229 mm)
    Women, and girls 13 and over 4.94 to 5.31 oz (140 to 151 g) 8.25 to 8.88 in (210 to 226 mm)
    Children under 13 4.69 to 5.06 oz (133 to 143 g) 8.06 to 8.69 in (205 to 221 mm)

Men's cricket balls: The ball weight between 155.9 and 163 grams; it has a circumference between 22.4 and 22.9 centimeters.
Women's cricket balls: The ball weight between 140 and 151 grams; it has a circumference between 21 and 22.5 centimeters.

White, Red, and Pink Cricket Ball,

    cricket ball cricket ball cricket ball

As time progressed, white ball was introduced in the game. Recently, in few test matches, and since 2010, pink ball has been introduced to contrast with players white clothing and for improved night visibility during day/night test matches. Red cricket ball has poor visibility, because under yellow floodlight red ball takes on a brownish color which is quite similar to the color of the pitch. In One Day & T20 cricket match, the white cricket ball is used.


    Cricket Balls

A cricket ball is a hard, solid ball is used in cricket game. A cricket ball is consist of different layers. Inner hard core of the ball comprises of cork which is made into spherical shape then layered with tightly wound string. The outer side of the ball is covered with a leather case and equator of the ball is sewed with string to form the ball’s prominent seam. And manufacture is regulated by cricket law at first-class level. A full size adult ball weights five and a half ounces which can cause harm when delivered at a fast pace bowler or it can go miles when hit by a batsman.

Cricket Bats


Kookaburra Cricket Balls
Spartan Cricket Balls
SS Cricket Balls
SG Cricket Balls
SF Cricket Balls
SM Pintu cricket Balls
BDM Cricket Balls
GM Cricket Balls
Cosco Cricket Balls
Slazenger Cricket Balls
Ajamar Jyoti Cricket Balls
Thrax Cricket Balls

The cricket balls can be used by professionals and students alike. Hence best suited, the finer details for selection of a cricket ball have been given to you which you can used to select the perfect cricket ball for your game. Cricket Ball plays an important role in cricket game. We are provided you with the finest select of cricket ball, at good prices.


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